MAH (Major Auto Hemotherapy)

Hyperbaric ozone 1-10 passes

What is MAH

MAH is a process in which we extract 200cc of your blood through IV cannulation with each pass. The blood is concentrated with ozone and mixed to 70ug/ml yielding a therapeutic concentration of pressurized ozone which is then released back into your body completing a “1 pass” of your blood. This process can be completed up to 10x, hence the term “10 pass”.

What does MAH do

* Hyperbaric Ozone helps to increase proteins, red blood cells and at 10 pass practice has shown to be the sweet spot for stem cell proliferation. Research has also shown ozone can inactivate:

  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • fungi
  • yeasts
  • protozoa
  • cancer cells

What does MAH cost

1 Pass = $200, each additional pass is $50, 10 pass = $550

4 sessions including the MAH 10 pass, UV, and Post MAH IV = $2750 (Normally = $3300)

4 MAH 10 pass = $1750 (Normally = $2200)

Every $1000 spent earns $100 in spending, to use however you choose.

IV packages: 

Most patients fighting an illness or recovering from an illness will need a 10 pass one x per week for 4 weeks with IV therapy and UV. If for athletic performance, anti-aging, general wellness, 1 x every 3 months or as needed. If really sick, you may require up to 12 – 10 passes 1 x week with pretesting for blood labs and intermittently throughout as indicated. 

*This has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA, and is not intended to cure or treat disease.